Opal Hut (opal_hut)

Opal Hut (opal_hut)

About me

We are miners in the far western Queensland opal mining town of Yowah, selling solid Australian opals and solid opal jewellery. 

Works of Opal

Mauve Orchid For A Wonderful Mother.

Mauve Orchid For A Wonderful...

Happy Mother’s Day mauve orchid with memories to treasure.

Happy Birthday With Love.

Happy Birthday With Love.

Beautiful birthday wishes with water scene.

Happy Birthday With Mauve Orchids.

Happy Birthday With Mauve...

Happy birthday greetings with mauve orchids.

A Merry Outback Aussie Christmas.

A Merry Outback Aussie...

Australian desert scene with Aussie Santa, sheep and flag wishing you a Merry...

Greetings From Down Under Australia.

Greetings From Down Under...

Opal miner with greetings from Australia.

A Vintage Car Happy Birthday Greeting.

A Vintage Car Happy Birthday...

Birthday greetings with fireworks and vintage car.

Something Nice For Your Birthday.

Something Nice For Your...

Happy birthday greetings with red TR3a sports car.

Haven’t Heard From You In A While.

Haven’t Heard From You...

Cow letter box made from a 44 gallon drum.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

Orange orchids with happy Mother’s Day text.

A Happy Mother’s Day.

A Happy Mother’s Day.

White orchid with happy Mother’s Day text.


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