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Susmita Bhattacharya (GrayDreams)

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Do The Five. Let’s Fight Corona...

Do The Five. Let’s...

A message of awareness for corona threat. Send and share it with your friends...

Hope For Your Fast Recovery.

Hope For Your Fast Recovery.

Send this e-card and wish him/ her for a fast recovery.

Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!!

Happy Valentine’s Day...

Happy Valentine’s Day my love. Send this e-card and enjoy.

Happy Birthday Thanks.

Happy Birthday Thanks.

A gorgeous thank you card.

A Magical Christmas Thanks To You!

A Magical Christmas Thanks...

Share a note of thanks with your loved ones on this Christmas for all that they...

Wishing You Ajoyful & Merry Christmas.

Wishing You Ajoyful &...

Send this cute ecard to your loved ones to share a lovely Merry Christmas wish.

Merry Christmas To All Of You. Ho Ho!!

Merry Christmas To All Of...

Merry Christmas to all of you. Send this wonderful e-card to all you know.

May You Have The Scariest Halloween.

May You Have The Scariest...

May you have the scariest Halloween.

Thank You For Your Spooky Wishes.

Thank You For Your Spooky...

Thank all for your Halloween wishers with this haunted card.

Subh Navratri Wishes For You...

Subh Navratri Wishes For You...

Happy Navratri for everyone in your friend list!


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