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Riccardo Zipoli was born in Prato in 1952. Since 1975 he has taught Persian language and literature at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice. The author of numerous publications, he has mainly dealt with historical and stylistic problems in ( View more » )

Works of riccardo

Joyful Wishes For A Happy Easter!

Joyful Wishes For A Happy...

Flowers in Newfoundland.

A Beautiful Wish For Mother’s Day.

A Beautiful Wish For...

A flower in Paris.

Together Forever.

Together Forever.

Sunset over Cuba.

A Floral Wish For A Happy Easter!

A Floral Wish For A Happy...

Iranian poppies.

A Rose For A Beautiful Mother’s Day.

A Rose For A Beautiful...

A rose in Venice.

On Cloud Nine.

On Cloud Nine.

Sunset over the Faroer islands.

Dreaming In The Snow.

Dreaming In The Snow.

Walking in Russia.

In Sweet Company.

In Sweet Company.

Two sheep in the Faroer islands.

For The New Mom On Mother’s Day.

For The New Mom On...

A pram in the Faroer islands.

Happy Easter With Beautiful Flowers.

Happy Easter With Beautiful...

A daisy meadow in South Africa.

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