Shira Tamir (BottleCapGuru)

Shira Tamir (BottleCapGuru)

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I have read the terms and conditions for growing up and I do not agree. Visit my Etsy shop for more printable downloads: 

Works of Shira

A Valentine Poem For Computer Nerds.

A Valentine Poem For...

Roses are #ff0000, violets are #0000ff. If you understand this, you’re a...

Roses Are Gray, Violets Are Gray.

Roses Are Gray, Violets Are...

The perfect funny valentine poem for the dog lover. Roses are gray, violets are...

Your Face. It Needs My Kisses.

Your Face. It Needs My Kisses.

Send this free funny card to the face that needs your kisses this...

525,600 Minutes With You!!

525,600 Minutes With You!!

There are 525,600 minutes in a year, and I want to spend them all with you!...

You Turn Me On,Naughty Christmas Card.

You Turn Me On,Naughty...

This red-nosed reindeer has a naughty message for that special person in your...

This Hanukkah, Let’s Get Lit!

This Hanukkah, Let’s...

Funny free Hanukkah ecard for friends and family who know how to party. This...

You Suck - Vampire Halloween Ecard.

You Suck - Vampire Halloween...

Send a warm Halloween greeting to those special someones with a free ecard that...

Where Do I Return Mondays? Funny Ecard.

Where Do I Return Mondays?...

If each day is a gift, where do I return mondays? Free demotivational ecard for...

Nothing Screws Up A Friday More...

Nothing Screws Up A Friday...

Nothing screws up a friday more than realizing it’s only wednesday. Send...

Nobody Has Luck Better Than You.

Nobody Has Luck Better Than You.

Good luck? You have the best luck. Believe me, nobody has luck better than you.


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